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Done With You

  • "Why can't we just forgive forget & move on"

  • You know what I considered that but every time I get close to forgiving you, you ruin your chances again & again. You make me realise once again why we fell apart at the beginning & I realise how stupid I was for nearly forgiving you. You make yourself feel better by making others feel like absolute shit so why would I want to go back to that? I still have to deal with half your bullshit & that's complicated enough thankyou. Look around you can't you see that everyone has had enough of this child like act of yours? We have all moved on & your still playing with the dolls you appear to call your friends.

  • As soon as I turn 15 I will change my self. I will put more effort into school. I will be a different & more positive person. I will be a better friend. I will show I have a passion for the career I want & I will start it. I will fix my life up. 15 will be a new beginning

  • I get so close. So fucking close. To forgiving you & trying to be friends with you again. I feel like I have been stupid & need to let it go & forget this whole stupid thing ever happened. I want to be your friend & have sleepovers with you & go to the shops after school all those best friend things we used to do. But then the next day when you have better options then having to talk to me all day you turn back into the bitch you are & always have been. You once again make me feel so stupid for ever thinking about giving into & I realise why I did those things in the first place & why we aren't friends now. It reminds me that I have never & will never regret anything I did. Because I am so much better without you in my life & I want to keep it that way.

  • I no longer have an opinion. Ill state facts otherwise just nod & agree. Done with being disagreed with & shamed upon because once again no one will understand my points of views & the explanations behind them. My opinion is out of the question

  • I feel like I'm not even living. Because everything I do is planned & I have different aims towards people it's like I'm not even a person anymore, I'm just testing the people around me & not being real. I'm setting my life up. It's like a big game. A planned out game that no one knows I'm playing. I feel so terrible with what I do sometimes, pretending to be someone I'm not. It's like no one knows the real me...not even I do. I have only one personality but that one hasn't yet found itself. Because I have no idea who I am anymore

  • No one ever understands how I think not even I know. It scares me because I feel as though there's no one else out there with the same mind as me & it's impossible to explain to someone because they think differently so they can't understand & won't, even if they want too.

  • I use this place as my diary pretty much because I know it won't be found by those who surround me. If it ever is found well then all this shit I post....will get much worse but will also cyst to exist

  • I've been the biggest bitch past couple months but you know what? I'd rather be a bitch who isn't messed with & who's boundaries are known. Then someone who is underestimated & looked down upon because they never speak up. Being quiet never got anyone anywhere.

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